July 31, 2021

Forbidden area! - Part 209 - Visitors welcum!

Camp Meadows is becoming increasingly well known as a destination for visiting military personnel, mainly Marines from other bases, but also soldiers from other branches of the military, attracted by its reputation as a no-limit fuck barracks in authorized circles. Not a week goes by without visitors, who sometimes make a detour to be hosted for a night, or even a full weekend, and benefit from the services offered by the Marines.

This week, four Army guys are expected, and for once, Captain Bolstone has asked Boner to handle them: One of the boys, Cyrus Frazier, is the son of his best friend, whom he discovered his inclinations a few months earlier. Just before he joined the Army, while Bolstone was spending the weekend with his family, Cyrus had given himself to him. The Captain was surprised to discover that the young man was gay. A virile athlete with the reputation of being a Don Juan, he was considered by everyone to be a white heterosexual male, when he was actually a real whore. His father, of course, knew nothing about it. He was particularly proud of the fact that his son was a brave soldier, unaware of the fact that his ass was often used as a cumdump in the college showers and now in those of his barracks. At any rate, Bolstone had been pleased when Frazier called to inform him that he would be coming to Camp Meadows with three of his comrades, and that they hoped to check by themselves the veracity of the rumors about the barracks...

As soon as the soldiers arrived, an office boy lead them to the locker room of the dungeon where he asks them to take a shower, then to wait in the next room without getting dressed. The impressive collection of dildos does not leave them unmoved, and when the Captain arrives with O'Neil, Olegson and the whole Alpha Team, Frazier already has a dildo in the ass and a cock in the mouth while Corporal Dexter is fucked doggy style by his Sergeant.

Removing his dildo, Bolstone fucks Frazier without waiting, while PFC Stavros leaves his place to Boner. Sergeant Olseway, surprised to see the diapers worn by Thomas, Jonas, Olegson and Sebastian, gives Dexter to Aaron to go open the diaper of Thomas as a Christmas present. The heady smell of piss arouses him almost as much as the Corporal's chastity cage and the plug in his ass, which he removes to finger him. Encouraged by Dickson, he turns Thomas over to lick his pussy, before wildly fucking him.

A moment later, Bigsby and his crew, whom Bolstone invited thinking that Frazier would please the Sheriff a lot, join the starting orgy. Sozoni takes position on the podium where Olseway climbs up to give him his cock to suck by pulling on the leash that adorns his neck. Seeing that Timur licks the submissive's ass, then grabs his hips to hump him, the Sergeant almost cums! And what he discovers by looking around him requires him an even more considerable effort not to spurt in the mouth of Sozoni, from which he pulls out...

Olegson and Dexter, crouching side by side, suck Bigsby and Dickson who frenchkiss each other. Dexter is half impaled on a canine dildo, which knot slowly enlarges his anus. It's a real dog's dick that smashes Jonas' pussy, bestially sodomized by Mammoth and sucking the Captain's cock. With his head between O'Neil's thighs, Bolstone licks the crack of the Doc, who fucks Thomas with admirable ardor. Just beside, Perro fucks the Rottweiler lying on his back, while the latter sucks the German Shepherd, who, from what seems to be moans of pleasure, seems to enjoy the thing as much as having Sergeant Boner's fingers in his anus...

A scream behind him makes him turn around a little more to find that Frazier has just taken the hand of Aaron in the ass, whose cock is stuffed into his brother's ass. Clutching a St. Andrew's cross, Frazier squirms as he spreads his buttocks with his free hand, moaning like a bitch now that the fist is rammed into his rectum. And when with a loud scream, Holland, pounded by Stavros, spills onto the mattress, it is into Timur's mouth that Olseway ejaculates, all resistance broken by the Malamute's tongue that licks his glans.

After all have cum, Bolstone asks Thomas, Sebastian, Jonas and Frazier to get on all fours on the stage, the ass as an offering, copiously lubricated, for a long fist session. Frazier ends with the hands of Olseway and Stavros together in his anus, moaning and drooling, shaken with spasms of pleasure, totally abandoned to this pleasure however new for him. Then, to reward him for his good behavior, the Captain gives him to Mammoth whose oversized cock fills him with abundant spurts of hot jizz.

That night, Frazier will sleep with the dogs, his cock now locked in a chastity cage. Mated most of the night, it is as a lustful bitch that his comrades find him in the morning, and this is how he will return to his barracks, definitely converted...

"I'm proud of you, soldier!" said Bolstone as his comrades put him in the back of their Humvee for the rest of the trip. "Next time, we'll bring you to our friend Tomie Pine. His stallions will really love fucking up your sweet pussy!"

 Capt Conor G. Bolstone (T)
 1stLt Sean “Doc” O’Neil (T/B)
 PFC Gunnar Olegson (Sub)
Team Alpha
 MGySgt Tucker F. Boner (T)
 MSgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 Cpl Aaron Amberson (T/B)
 Cpl Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 PFC Jonas Boise (Sub)
 PFC Sebastian Amberson (Sub)
 Wolfgang (GSD)
 Well (Rottweiler)
 Timur (Malamut)
U.S. Army
 Sgt Gary Olseway (T/B)
 Cpl Mike Dexter (B)
 PFC Anthony Stavros (T/B)
 Pvt Cyrus Frazier (B)
Blacksburg P.D.
 Sheriff Will “Bigboy” Bigsby (T)
 K9 Officer Martin “Scoob” Perro (T/B)
 Patrolman Angus Holland (T/B)
 Mammoth (Mastiff)


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  2. Man I love all of your work. Would love even more to see a hairy bearded guy in amongst the crowd taking the knot!!!!


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