July 6, 2021

Forbidden area! - Part 208 - Kentucky rifle

After the departure of the Legionnaires, Marines and French Firemen leave for the road-trip organized by Boner, towards Kentucky and the Morning Wood Ranch.

Rather than taking the most direct route, Boner chose to let the Frenchies discover the countryside between Blacksburg and Nicholasville, so it is only in the afternoon that their two minibuses park in front of the big house of Lawrence Nelson. As soon as he hears the vehicles, the rancher comes out on the front porch to greet them and immediately leads them into the house for refreshments. Phil and Zak, his sons, wait in the spacious living room, as naked as the day they were born. As soon as they are introduced, Nelson tells them to undress and then guides them to a brand new building where Jake Cruise and Richie Fulcram are waiting impatiently. 

On the large glass door that Cruise hastens to open for them is written "Semen Collection Room". The room is filled with the sweet smell of horses, a mixture of piss and dung that Thomas is mad about and that always excites him to the highest degree. In a stall, two stallions are pawing, snorting and whinnying, eager for the good mating that awaits them.

"The sale of the semen is our primary source of income," says Nelson, pointing to a lab bench with a microscope and analysis unit. "It was time we had a modern laboratory. Not to mention that mating of another kind is also very lucrative, hence this brand new model of mating dummy conceived by Ritchie …"

And indeed, on closer inspection, the device is a bit different from what Boner and Dickson have seen before: the hollow body has padding and wrist restraints are attached to each side of the base.

"So? Who to begin?" he asks.

As Thomas steps forward, Nelson stops him. 

"Not you, Thomas. A filly like you doesn't need such a device."

Boner nods to Paschini, the firefighter whose anus he has been working on for the past two days to loosen it in anticipation of this moment. The young man, for whom it will be the first time, knows that he has no choice and goes to install in the device, wrists locked and ass as an offer, that Boner coats with lubricant before fisting it one more time.

Meanwhile, Thomas gets down on all fours on a thick mattress where he sucks Cruise's cock. Jonas, Sebastian, Lieutenant Consini and Zak have the other guys' in their mouths, and the dogs are licking their asses.

"He's ready." Boner says as his fist enters and exits the anus of Paschini without any resistance.

Fulcram fetches the stallions. He lets Thor, a gorgeous draught horse, go to Thomas, leading Uranos, a mustang, behind Paschini. The two stallions are already hard... Thor doesn't need to be guided to ram his huge cock into Thomas' ass, where it almost disappears. Once climbed on the dummy, Uranos needs some assistance to find the Fireman's pussy, but once inside, he makes the boy cum by gushing copiously in his guts.

Seeing this, Fulcram goes to get a milking pump, which he places the teat on Paschini's cock before turning it on. A short time later, the young man ejaculates again while Uranos rides him for the second time ...

Men and dogs are not left out. Arranged in a circle, Zak, Sebastian and Consini are covered by Tiki, Logan and Wolfgang, while Lawrence Nelson fucks Well. Zak, Nelson's youngest son, sucks Timur lying in front of him, having his ass enlarged by the knot of Tiki, the Dalmatian of the Frenchmen. Boner, after taking a whiff of Beast! adds his cock in the young man's pussy. Impaled on Cruise, Jonas gets swept by the stable manager when Dickson adds his fingers into his pussy. With some lubrication, his whole hand slides into the anus, wrapping around Cruise's cock, jerking him off in the rectum of the Private First Class. Behind them, as Thomas gets caught again by Thor, Bovier fucks Nelson firstborn while sucking Aaron. And, taken of a bestial frenzy, Fulcram fucks Berger as if he were a stallion himself, panting and snorting while giving strong backstrokes which do not delay to lead the two men to the ecstasy.

Overwhelmed by the feeling of Dickson's hand jerking him into Jonas, Cruise orgasms in turn and the Marine replaces his fist with his cock before Cruise pulls out and climaxes too, soon followed by Aaron, Bovier, Boner and Nelson Sr.

During the following hour, dogs and alphas males take turns in the submissives' asses. The two stallions don't give Thomas and Paschini any respite, filling them with their seed almost without stopping. The French, still drained by the milking machine, is nothing but a gaping hole overflowing with sperm, undergoing the assaults of Uranos while drooling, totally abandoned to the apparently tireless ardors of the Mustang. However, it is Thor who will give him the last mating, forgetting Thomas to climb on the riding dummy and to push his monstrous cock in the Fireman's rump, under the applause of the men!

During the three days that they will spend at the Morning Wood, the French will have the feeling to never stop fucking. Paschini will return to France as a docile mare, his pussy so wide open that taking two hands at once will no longer be a problem for him...

 MGySgt Tucker F. Boner (T)
 MSgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 Cpl Aaron Amberson (T/B)
 Cpl Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 PFC Jonas Boise (Sub)
 PFC Sebastian Amberson (Sub)
 Wolfgang (GSD)
 Well (Rottweiler)
 Timur (Malamut)

Bataillon des Marins-Pompiers de Marseille
 Lieutenant de Vaisseau Fabrice Consini (B)
 Premier-Maître Jacques Bovier (T)
 Quartier-Maître de Première Classe Kevin Berger (T/B)
 Matelot Philippe Paschini (Sub)
 Tiki (Dalmatian)

Morning Wood Ranch
 Lawrence Nelson (T/B)
 Phil Nelson (T/B)
 Zak Nelson (Sub)
 Jake Cruise (T)
 Ritchie Fulcram (T)
 Logan (Doberman)
 Thor (Draught Horse)
 Uranos (Mustang)

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