June 1, 2021

Forbidden area! - Part 206 - Go West! - Part 2

Under the expert caresses of Thomas, Chaka spreads out a majestic cock. Payne has just taken him out of his stall to bring him to the middle of the stable, eager to see with his own eyes what he has only watched on the internet before.

The Palomino is remarkably quiet. He becomes a little more nervous when Boner passes the vial of pheromones under his nose, before guiding his cock towards Thomas' anus. With a stroke of the loins, the horse sinks into the soldier. When he pulls out after ejaculating, Thomas goes back under his belly to lick his glans before it retracts into his sheath.

After a confabulation with his boyfriend, Payne announces that Mayol will be the next to be covered. With an approving smile, Boner immediately orders him to get into position to be prepared. Dickson pours lubricant on his anus and fist him immediately, before giving way to Payne. For a few minutes, by the time Chaka is back in condition, Boner, Payne and Dickson work to properly dilate him.

During this time, Maygross gets sucked by Jonas and Sebastian deals with Lomax's and his brother's cock. Lying on the terracotta tiles, LaPoutre lets Well lick his cock, balls and anus. When Prinz caresses the dog's balls, his tail lifts up, exposing his pink hole that pulses with desire. Prinz pushes one finger in, then two. The Rott's anus is unexpectedly velvety and totally irresistible. And since the dog seems to be waiting for it, Prinz presses his glans onto the ring and slowly sinks into it.

Beside them, Wolfgang is breeding Costello. The guy moans in pain when the German Shepherd's dick, once inside him, starts to get bigger by dilating his rectum and fills it with hot cum and then starts softly groaning with contentment as the dog plows him powerfully.

Chaka's cock is stiff again... While Thomas continues to caress it and lick its shaft, Mayol is brought to the stallion. He bends forward with his legs spread apart so that Thomas can lead the horse's penis to his anus. Mayol takes a big breath of poppers and Payne, with a snap of his tongue, moves Chaka forward. After a slight resistance, the glans overcomes the first sphincter and the rod slides into the cowboy's belly, snatching a scream of surprise from him. At the sight of his lover screwed up by the stallion, Payne climaxes so violently that his cum spurts onto his back. Once his balls are emptied, the softened cock of Chaka comes out of the ass and Thomas hurries to drink the semen that flows, mixed with feces, between the cowboy's thighs.

Meanwhile, Dickson went to join Maygross and Jonas. Jonas sucks him greedily while Maygross fucks the young man. Boner, on his side, joined Aaron and Lomax that Sebastian, impaled on a huge dildo, sucks one after the other.

With his cock deep in Well's throat, LaPoutre cums and Prinz spits his load into the dog's ass, just as Costello spurts on the floor screaming, when Wolfgang gets down from his back and turns around.

During the two days that the soldiers will spend in Yuma, Chaka will be used more than reasonably, riding up without tiring Thomas, Sebastian and Mayol one after the other. And after a ceremony where all the active men will fuck him, Mayol will be locked up in a chastity cage, to the greatest pleasure of his partner ...

Camp Meadows
 MGySgt Tucker F. Boner (T)
 MSgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 Cpl Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 PFC Jonas Boise (Sub)
 Pvt Aaron Amberson (T/B)
 Pvt Sebastian Amberson (Sub)
 Pvt Nelson Larsen (Sub)
 Wolfgang (GSD)
 Well (Rottweiler)
 Timur (Malamut)
 Ripley (Labrador)
Camp Lejeune
 MSgt Curt Maygross (T/B)
 Cpl Rob LaPoutre (T/B)
 CMSAF Todd Lomax (T)
Yuma Cowboys
 Gabriel Payne (T)
 Walker Costello (T/B)
 Phil Mayol (B)
 Albert Prinz (T/B)
 Chaka (Palomino)


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