May 1, 2021

Forbidden area! - Part 203 - Endurance : Hawai’i – Part 2

 The day after the arrival of the Australians, which was once again the occasion for a great orgy, the soldiers leave O'ahu for Big Island for a real-life Search and Rescue exercise that will last two days. The idea is to find two enemy soldiers on the run, somewhere in the volcanic deserts of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. To do this, Thomas and Hokimaikai were brought there by helicopter at the first light of dawn, with the mission to disappear in the vast area of the Kilauea.

The hunt begins in the middle of the day, and as the two Marines have perfectly played their role by scattering fake clues and false leads in the sumptuous Martian landscape emptied of its cohorts of tourists by the pandemic, they are particularly difficult to flush out. It's only after many hours of trudging that Taylor's team, guided by Kenga's nose, finds them, sheltered in a lava tunnel. As a reward, the Labrador is allowed to breed Thomas, and then the whole Australian team pees on him and Hokimaikai...

Naked and tied together, the two fugitives are led to the chosen rallying point, a tin hut off the trail on the lip of Kilauea's crater, surrounded by primitive vegetation that gives the place the illusion of a Lost World and of being alone on Earth.

"You didn't stand a chance," Boner reveals when Thomas, a bit resentful, says they could have been found much later. "You're covered in bitch-in-heat pheromones, which is actually why the mutts are sniffing around you! Come on, bitches, get on all fours and give them what they want!"
While Timur fucks Hokimaikai and Mana screws Thomas, their fellows get naked. Sebastian kneels between Taylor and his brother, swallowing the hard cock of the Captain, who  leans forward to suck Aaron.

Jonas swings from Dacosta's cock to Look's, not deciding which one he will give his ass first. He doesn't have to think about it too long, as both men lie ass to ass, so that their cocks together form a two-color single column, on which Jonas impales himself, moaning with pleasure.

With Boner's help, Baker works Gwan's ass, loosening his washer with his dexterous fingers. The Corporal squirms, opening his thighs just enough for his chief to finally stick his hand in his rectum, tearing the soldier a long moan of happiness, then leans back to take Dickson in his mouth.
As soon as he has pulled out, Timur abandons Hokimaikai to Mana, who has just withdrawn from Thomas. Still hard, excited to the highest point by their bitchy scent, Mana and Kenga mate with the two boys, while Timur stands above Machate, whom Smith humps mercilessly. Opening his mouth, the Marine lets the Malamute's cock plunge in, pouring out the burning semen that his tongue does not fail to gush out.

Rydell, the Australian Sergeant, pounds Heyerdhal's pussy, whose arched rump rises with each wild stroke of the cock of his partner. For his part, Aaron lies back in the grass, letting his brother squat on his prick without stopping to suck Taylor.

The growing chorus of grunts and moans bodes well for the oncoming climax. Gwan is the first to cum, with Baker's hand in his ass and his cock pressed against Boner's belly. Even so, Baker doesn't leave him alone and rams him in one go, flooding his belly with his juice, then turning him over so that Boner can fertilize him in turn. Smith, just before shooting his load, pulls out of Machate for Timur to lick his cock. His cum spurts powerfully as he lets out a roar of pleasure. Dacosta and Look climax simultaneously and as soon as they are pulled out, Jonas gets down on all fours so that Dickson can mix his jizz with theirs. As for Heyerdhal, he squirts into the short grass as soon as Rydell spills into his rectum, as do Thomas and Hokimaikai when Mana and Kenga get off their backs and turn around.

The night has fallen since a long time when the soldiers, balls emptied and asses overflowing of semen, close the doors of the shelter for a well-deserved night of rest, after having fucked like animals. The next day, they are planning to climb to the top of Mauna Loa, then go back down to Bradshaw Army Airfield, from where a helicopter will fly them back to O'ahu. The rest of the stay of the Alpha Dogs in Hawai'i will be much less physical, and their comrades will make them discover the sumptuous landscapes of Kauai', where the cliffs fall right into the Pacific and where a secret beach will be the scene of another memorable orgy... 

Camp Meadows
 MGySgt Tucker F. Boner (T)
 MSgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 Cpl Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 Cpl Aaron Amberson (T/B)
 PFC Jonas Boise (Sub)
 PFC Sebastian Amberson (Sub)
 Timur (Malamute)
Marine Corps Base Hawaii
 MGySgt Scott Baker (T/B)
 Staff Sgt Steven Dacosta (T/B)
 Cpl Hwan ‘Evan’ Gwan (T/B)
 PFC Ramon Machate (T/B)
 PFC Dylan Heyerdhal (T/B)
 Pvt Travis Hokimaikai (Sub)
 Mana (Pointer)

Australian Special Forces
 Cpt Roy Taylor (T)
 Sgt Keanu Rydell (B)
 WO1 Russel Smith (T/B)
 LCpl Victor Look (T/B)
 Kenga (Yellow Lab)

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    Two outstanding artworks this weekend! Amazing stuff. So hot seeing all those guys together. Thanks for your fantastic art.


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