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2 August 2017

Forbidden Area! - Part 111 - A day at the beach, part 2

The sun has gone down for a long time when, after dinner, Perro and Boner come out to drink a beer on the terrace, followed by Thomas who prefers to suck the officer’s cock than the neck of a bottle. In the quiet night, neighing comes from a rather close place. Perro explains that it is horses returned to the wild, close to the famous Chincoteague Pony, pride of Assateague Island. When it comes to horses, Thomas feels concerned by the discussion. He stops to suck and asked if they could see them even be mounted by a stallion. As Perro provides them some water and food, the animals are not fierce and seeing them will not be a problem. For Thomas to be fucked, it will probably be impossible, even if Perro, to whom Bigsby spoke about the exploits of the young Marine, would love to see this. Boner then talks about the mare’s pheromones Dickson brought back from his getaway to Canada: with a few drops of them, no male will resist Thomas or Sebastian's cunt ...

Boner then asks Dickson to spray pheromones around the old tub that be used as a drinking trough. He will also have to put Sebastian in condition by softening his anus for the fuck that awaits him.

The next morning, three stallions are gathered around the water point. According to Perro, these are young males who live apart from the herd. Before joining them, Dickson fists Sebastian one more time and then puts a few drops of the mare odor on his balls and on those of Thomas.

When Thomas walks among the horses, their cocks immediately become hard. As he bends over on a crate, a first stallion, surely the chief of the herd, fucks him without waiting. Although excited, the other animals are quite calm, enough for Sebastian to take place on crates, legs wide open. Guided by Deckard, a huge stallion dick penetrates his cunt, under the astonished eyes of the young rescuer ...

The other guys, totally fascinated, watch the two boys get fucked by the horses. Woodrow, Powell and Jonas fall to their knees to suck the stiff cocks within their reach. Mammoth climbs on Jonas's back and fucks him, while Boner lying in the sand, screws Woodrow, whose crotch is just in front of the Marine's mouth, dick at the right place to be sucked. On the other side, Mammoth quickly descends from Jonas's back. Fully knotted in him, he licks the dick that Powell placed in front of his muzzle. Behind them, Aaron sticks his big cock in Barrows' ass, while Perro masturbates his cock.

Only Dickson and Well stand alone. However, the Rottweiler turns around the last stallion, licking his dick and presenting his rump, as if he wanted to be fucked by the horse. Surprised by his behavior, Dickson pours lubricant on his anus and pulls three fingers in. Well stands still, his tail hole opening so easily that Dickson plunges his hand in ... So, he decides to let the stallion’s hard cock to enter into the dog! The Rottweiler moves his rump to receive it more deeply with yelps of pleasure.

Both men, horses and dogs are now close to spit their cum. Powell and Barrows are the first to explode, immediately followed by Aaron and Boner, then by Woodrow who drops his load in the throat of Jonas. The stallions spill their semen in their mates and when their cocks pull out, sperm flows from the dilated pussies. Unable to resist the translucent liquor running from Sebastian, Deckard doesn’t lose a drop. He swallows the strong juice with delight and then goes to lick the sheath of the stallion where a little bit of semen still pearls. And while Dickson fucks Well, Perro puts his dick in the anus of his young comrade bent under the horse's belly.

Shortly after, stallions are ready for mating again. Thomas is successively mounted by two of the horses, while Sebastian is inseminated by the third which sinks in him deeper than the first time. Surprising Perro and his comrades, Deckard says that he would like to be covered by a horse. Boner has no objection, but he has to check first if the boy is enough open to accept a stallion's cock, by pushing his hand into his ass. After a few minutes of work, the hand goes in and out easily, and he offers to Perro and his boys to continue to soften the pussy of their colleague by fisting him in turns. Then, he gives the young man Doc O’Neil’s magic potion in the way to make him totally relaxed.

When he judges him ready, he asks Deckard to bend forward and lean on Perro. Dickson approaches a stallion which he guides the stiff dick end against his anus. With a thrust, the horse penetrates into the boy ... Deckard screams and while the animal plows his belly, Perro slips his cock into his mouth. A few seconds are enough for the horse to fill him with seed. Before the cock gets out of his ass, Deckard spits his jizz on the hot sand. Without ceasing to suck Perro, he falls on his knees, then, when the policeman has cum in his mouth, he ends up on all fours on the ground. There, before anyone had time to intervene, Mammoth climbs on his back and fucks him. To his groans of pleasure, all understand that Deckard warmly appreciate being fucked by the dog after having serve as a mare to the horse.

As they go back to the house to take some rest, Boner suggests to Perro to use Deckard as their sex toy boy. With that kind of recruit, the end of summer should be particularly hot, especially if he puts him at the disposal of the guys who come to Knot Beach to screw a good submissive ass ...


 Master Gunnery Sergeant Tucker F. Boner (T)
 Master Sergeant Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 PFC Jonas Boise (Sub)
 Pvt Aaron Amberson (B/T)
 Pvt Sebastian Amberson (B)
 Well (Rottweiler)
Blacksburg P.D.
 K9 Officer Martin “Scoob” Perro (T/B)
 Mammoth (Mastiff)
Knot Beach Lifeguard Volunteer Team
 Rusty Barrows (T/B)
 Woodrow Cross (T/B)
 Darrell Powell (T/B)
 Rex Deckard (B)