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8 July 2017

Forbidden area! 108

Princeton Beze, a retired Camp Meadows Marine, is the owner of a food truck where he offers hot dogs whose reputation begins to exceed his former comrades. Lost in the woods a little way of Blacksburg, he settled in an old farm that he acquired, not far from a small lake well-known by the locals for the purity of its waters. On Saturdays and Sundays, the open-air restaurant doesn’t empty. If the rest of the week is quieter, his business is quite prosperous to close on Wednesday and Thursday. That day, the gate of his farm only opens for special customers who want juicy sausages and good open asses … Beze and Captain Bolstone know each other well: when he was at Camp Meadows, Beze was one of the captain’s favorites, not to say his regular lover. Since the former Marine left the army, Bolstone often comes to his food truck but this is the first time he takes his men there.
When the Captain arrives with Boner, Dickson, Thomas, Jonas, Amberson brothers, Olegson and Timur, sheriff Bigsby is already there with Sozoni, his young slave. Sozoni is already in action, on all fours on the floor, the ass filled by the cock of Barky, the yellow Labrador of Beze, and the mouth with that of his owner who quietly drinks a beer with Bigsby.
Time for the Marines to undress, two new guys arrive, followed by three BSA to whom Boner gave an appointment here. Straightaway, Life Tomie Burbanks get naked and takes Dickson in his mouth, while Eagle Thaddeus de Mazière gives his cock to Thomas and that Star Teddy Dawson and Sebastian suck each other. Lying on the platform, Olegson get fucked by Cory Lang, one of the two civilians. The guy slowly shoves his thick dick in her ass and starts to sweep him methodically, taking all his time to fully enjoy the young Marine greedy hole. The other civilian, Lukas Takewell, climbs onto a table, offering his asshole to Boner’s tongue. Moments later, the Sergeant wears a latex glove. He pours lubricant onto the cleft of the buttocks and pushes his hand into the pussy that opens like a flower to receive it.
Behind them, Sebastian fucks Jonas, bent over another table. While Sebastian is deeply sinked in his new comrade, Mazière joins them and pushes his cock into his anus. Meanwhile, Aaron fucks Sozoni harshly while Bolstone and Beze wait their turn drinking beer. As it is not the first, Beze has a strong urge to piss: he orders Sozoni to open his mouth and relieves himself between the lips of the young man who loves nothing but be used as a human urinal …
Like Dawson who gets fucked by Timur, Thomas gives his ass to Barky. The head in the pissy diaper he has been wearing since the evening before, he revels in the juice of the dog that flows into him. Dickson, who gets sucked by Burbanks while Bigsby fucks the young scout, doesn’t resist the desire to push a finger into the anus of the dog. As Barky seems to appreciate, he goes frankly, working the tail hole with three fingers that he pushes in and turns with delight. No longer holding it, he goes behind the dog knotted to Thomas and fucks him. To see how Barky accepts the Marine’s cock which pushes its way into his rump, it’s clear that it is not the first time it get covered …
Bolstone replaced Aaron behind Sozoni. Although he has reached orgasm, Aaron gets buggered by Beze and as his cock is hard again, he gives it to suck to Dawson, still tied to Timur. His brother, after ejaculating in Jonas, gets fisted by Mazière. With the cum of the scout leader as a lubricant, Sebastian takes an unheard-of pleasure to feel Mazière’s arm sinking deeper and deeper inside him, to the point of squirting again without even jerking off! Seeing that, Boner joins Mazière after fucking Takewell. For a moment, Sebastian takes one and the other in turn, until the two men push their hands together in the anus. With some patience, a lot of lubricant and a good dose of poppers, Sebastian opens to let both fists invade his stretched ass. The young man cums for the third time, before hauling down on the table, panting. Giving him a slap on the buttocks, Boner promises him that very soon, he will experiment a true stallion, ready to mount the good mare he is now …
During the late afternoon, many other men join the small group. The orgy goes on until late into the night, leaving men and dogs exhausted, the balls totally drained from sperm for tops and asses filled with cum for bottoms.

 Captain Conor G. Bolstone (T)
 MGySgt Tucker F. Boner (T+/B)
 MSgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 Pvt Jonas Boise (Sub)
 PFC Gunner Olegson (Sub)
 Pvt Aaron Amberson (T/B)
 Pvt Sebastian Amberson (T/B+)
 Timur (Malamut)
Blacksburg P.D.
 Sheriff Will “Bigboy” Bigsby (T)
BSA (Venturers, over 18)
 Eagle Thaddeus de Mazière (T/B)
 Star Teddy Dawson (T/B)
 Life Tomie Burbanks (T/B)
 Princeton Beze (T)
 Cory Lang (T/B)
 Lukas Takewell (B)
 Erik Sozoni (Slave)
 Barky (Yellow Lab)