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31 March 2017

Forbidden area! 106

As soon as they are back to Blacksburg, Captain Bolstone summons Thomas and his comrades to his office to hear their report and inform them that Sheriff Bigsby invites them to a house-warming party at his new home. In the early evening, the captain and his team arrive at Bigsby’s house. They are happy to meet again the Amberson brothers who, according to Bolstone, should join the Marines soon. Montoya, who has definitely become the sheriff personal fuck-toy, is chained in his corner, ready to serve when Bigsby asks. Officer Perro, coach Wilson and some guys from the ΖΩΒ fraternity will come later in the evening. While waiting for them, Bigsby offers to drink a beer while listening Boner narrate their trip in the Philippines.
The cocks do not take long to get out of the pants. And soon, all the guys are naked, except Thomas and Jonas who keep the diapers they’ve been wearing since the morning. Obediently, the boys give a blow job to the Captain and the sheriff. A moment later, Aaron fucks by his brother who sucks Boner and Dickson alternately.
Bigsby finally release Montoya. He then proposes to go to the bedroom. Bolstone lies down on the king-size bed where Montoya, head to tail above him, begins to suck him while the sheriff takes off his butt plug to allow the captain to eat his pussy.
Boner allows Thomas and Jonas to remove their diapers. He sits on the edge of the bed and while the two boys are on all fours in front of him, licking his dick and balls, Well and Wolfgang come to sniff their cunts and ride them.
Besides, Sebastian is on his knees, leaning on the bed. Encouraged by Dickson, Aaron put on a latex glove, pours lubricant on his brother’s anus and slowly introduced his hand into it. Feeling his arm stretching his pussy, Sebastian let out some moans of pleasure. Little by little, the arm sinks beyond the wrist, almost to the elbow … While continuing to fist his brother, Aaron swallows Dickson’s cock.
As Timur begins to get impatient, Dickson asks Aaron to go on all fours while keeping his arm in his brother’s ass. Without waiting, Timur mounts the young man. Aaron feels the knot of his dick push past his hole’s opening and deeper inside. He let out a loud moan that was a result of intense pleasure as the cum fulfill his belly …
Meanwhile, Bigsby also pushed a hand into Motoya’s anus, before adding his dick. Bolstone, just between his thighs, licks his anus and while his slave groans with pleasure, Bigsby pushes him forward little by little, until his asshole is just above the cock of the captain. Without taking out his cock and hand, he forces Montoya to impale on Bolstone’s meat. He then masturbates their two cocks in the rectum of the young man. Captain’s eyes screw closed and he lets out an animal-like growl. Montoya reaches orgasm as a tremendous load of hot cum from the two males shoots into his ass.
Boner waits for one of the two dogs knotted to the boys to free an ass. Thomas is the first to be free. Wolfgang’s cock gets out of his cunt in a stream of sperm running down the carpet. The Sergeant immediately takes the dog’s place to screw the boy until Jonas releases Well’s dick in turn. With two asses at his disposal, Boner goes from one to the other and he is close to cum when the door bell rings. Bigsby go to open and return with Perro and his dog Mammoth, Coach Wilson, Quarterback Aaron Atherton and Wide receiver Curt Maygross of the ΖΩΒ fraternity. As soon as he’s undressed, Perro goes behind Jonas and fucks him. Mammoth climbs on the bed to stuff his huge cock in Montoya’s pussy, to whom Bigsby handcuffed the wrists to his ankles, so that his ass is perfectly exposed.
As for Maygross and Atherton, they fuck the twins while sucking Dickson and Wilson who end up sodomizing them moments later …
After this frenzy, Montoya is installed on the fucking bench in the middle of the living room, his holes ready to be filled again. Some other guys, invited by Bigsby, arrive throughout the evening and sometimes only stay the time to empty their balls in either of the submissives. Finally, when Thomas, Jonas and Montoya literally overflow with sperm and piss, and the house is saturated with the smell of rutting males, Bigsby, exhausted, decrees that the orgy is over …

 Captain Conor G. Bolstone (T)
1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
 GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (Sub)
 Pvt Jonas Boise (Sub)
 Well (Rottweiler)
 Timur (Malamut)
 Wolfgang (GSD)
Blacksburg P.D.
 Sheriff Will “Bigboy” Bigsby (T)
 Aaron Amberson (B/T)
 Sebastian Amberson (B/T)
 Erik Sozoni (Sub)
And many others males!