1 July 2015

Forbidden area! 33 - A journey to Russia III

The next day, Boner and Sobaka did not leave any choice to Yakunin: before he wake up, they tied him up, put him a chastity cage, and fucked him. After what, they charged him at the rear of a pick-up to visit an isolated factory that Sobaka knew. Some of the workers would be glad to have a hole to put their cock in …
There they expounded Yakunin and first gave his ass to Vlad. Yakunin cried a little when the dog knotted him, but a good worker cock in his mouth forced him to be silent. After that, each man fucked him, although some preferred to fuck Iuri and Thomas …
Back to the camp, they left Yakunin tied, bottom up, at the disposal of dogs that fucked him several times during the night.
When the morning lights came, Yakunin was become a perfect submissive, ready to accept anything from his officer…

Forbidden Area! 32 - A journey in Russia II

Soon arrived, Sobaka led them to an isolated place of Yeravninsky District. He owned a small cabin which he had made his lair for him and his pack. A wilderness secret place where they could live and fuck as they wished.
The first evening was very hot.
Sobaka was very impressed by Thomas docility, who seemed to accept everything his masters asked. Boner explained that him and Dickson had trained the boy to make him a perfect whore for guys, dogs and horses. 
That evening, Sobaka decided that as a true alpha male, he also needs a submissive. Boner convince him that Yakunin would make a perfect subject: 
he had recently become a member of the pack, had never been fucked by a dog and still showed some reluctance for hard practices.
Sobaka approved.
The training would start the very next day…

Forbidden Area! 31 - A journey in Russia I

After their weekend in the jail of sheriff Bigsby, Boner and Dickson Accompanied by Thomas and Well had scheduled a mission to Russia. Boner had met Master-Sergeant Ivan Sobaka on the internet on a specialized website in zoophilic encounters between soldiers.
Sobaka had offered him to join his small team for a trip in the steppes of Siberia. When they arrived in a remote airfield near Lake Baikal, Sobaka waiting for them with Sergeant Dmitry Bogdanov and Corporal Iuri Yakunin and Vlad, a staff crossed with a Caucasus shepherd, a very popular dog in military dog team.
All these guys quickly got to know each…

Forbidden area! 30

Forbidden area! 29

Forbidden area! 28 - Halloween special!

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Forbidden area! 24 - Happy birthday, Thomas!

Forbidden area! 23 - 14 juillet in Paris

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