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21 April 2016

Forbidden area! 75

While they are just back in Blacksburg, Captain Bolstone tells his guys that another mission awaits them. Canadian Mounted Police requests for a demonstration of the abilities of Camp Meadows K-9 unit in search and rescue. As he has other plans for Boner, he asks Dickson to go to Winnipeg, Manitoba, from where Canadians will carry his team to Cross Lake in the north of the province, where the exercise will happen.
As it’s the first time he has to go without Boner since he has integrated the unit, Dickson is a little worried. His friend advises him to choose his team carefully and Dickson opts for Thomas and Well,  whom he knows well and he used to work with.
A few days later, Dickson, Thomas and Well come on board a small USAF plane. Pilots, Captain Trevor Khrapov and Lieutenant Shaun U. Rass, regularly shuttle with their Skyvan conveying freight and troops between small bases of the east coast. The flight would stop in Minneapolis to drop Joe Hendricks and Kendal Spacey, two USAF engineers awaited to a training course.
In his cage, Well is completely panicked. Although it’s not the first time he takes a plane, the Rottweiler trembles like a leaf and yelps weakly. Dickson asks Khrapov if he can let the dog out. Khrapov doesn’t see any objection if it helps Well to calm down a bit. As soon as he came out, Well comes to snuggle against Thomas who cajoles and reassures him, stroking and whispering in his ear. Dog quickly relaxes : he puts his large head on the thigh of Thomas and soon, the pink tip of his penis emerges from its sheath. Both guys of the USAF, looking a little embarrassed, pretend to see nothing.
When Dickson asks what they will do in Minneapolis, TSgt Hendricks takes a folder in his bag. While trying to be discreet, he misses his shot and drops on the floor of the cabin a large dildo and two gay porn DVDs he puts back in the bag in haste. Hoping that the Marine did not see anything, Hendricks throws a confused glance at his fellow and then at Dickson. The Sergeant looks at him with a smirk before telling him by showing Thomas:
“Do you want him to suck you?”
He waves to the boy to come kneeling between the legs of Hendricks. Hendricks opened his fly to get out his cock, a beautiful long and thick piece of meat, like Thomas loves. Spacey joins them. He pets Thomas, before removing his shoes and pants, discovering that the young soldier wears a diaper. While his comrades take off their uniforms, Thomas finishes to strip, keeping only his pissy diaper, leaving it to Spacey the task of removing it. The chastity cage amazes him as much as the layer. For a few moments, he eats his well-rounded balls, firmly tightened by the metal ring, and finally eats Thomas’s ass with dogged licks. As Dickson shoves a finger into his anus, Spacey stands up to suck his rod. Well take this opportunity to lick Spacey’s cock, before doing such with Thomas’s cunt. To the astonishment of the two airmen, the dog climbs on the back of the young man to fuck him …
Spacey goes lie on a seat, thighs wide open, offering his ass to Dickson. The Sergeant slowly pushes his cock in the tight ass, muffing the soldier’s moans of pain by frenching him passionately.
Focused on the flight, pilots don’t realize anything of the things that happen in their back until Rass, the copilot, turns back, intrigued by Spacey’s grunts.
What he sees lefts him speechless and it takes him a few seconds before telling his captain to look behind him. Khrapov doesn’t really know what to do in such a situation: nothing in the flight manual tells how you should react when your plane has become a flying whorehouse… Before he could react, Dickson asked him if they want to participate. Nonplussed, Khrapov answers that him and his copilot are straight before realizing that his Lieutenant unbuckled his harness, opened the bottom of his flight suit and jerks while he watches the scene. Then, Rass gets up from his seat to get blowned by Dickson.
Dickson and Spacey cum together, soon followed by Rass, whereas Hendricks has replaced Well in Thomas’s ass : roaring with pleasure, he mixes his cum with that of the dog.
Returning to his seat, Rass, a bit embarrassed, explains his captain that even if he is not gay, he never could resist an easy pleasure and that, after all, a mouth is a mouth inasmuch a dick has no eye …

 GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
 Well (Rottweiler)
USAF Engineers 
 TSgt Joe Hendricks (T)
A1C Kendal Spacey (B)

USAF Pilots 
 Capt Trevor Khrapov (Straight)
 2nd Lt Shaun U. Rass (Straight)

9 April 2016

Forbidden area! 74 - Journey to Scotland - Part 3

Before the Marines go back to Blacksburg, Cummings invites them to follow a rugby match. He would like to show them that American football is but a pale copy of the original, a real tough guys sports in which players are not protected behind a armor. And As a matter of fact, The Ball Grabbers, WO Young’s rugby club, face today the team of a nearby town.
When they arrive at the stadium, the Marines draw attention because if Thomas and Jonas wear their regular uniforms, Boner and Dickson are in Blue Dress. Many people come to greet them friendly and some young blushing women ask if they can take a selfie with the soldiers. Each time, they first look at their crotchs, surely fantasize about the torrid night they would like to spend in their company. Blinded by their arousal, none of the girls realizes that the Marines rather watch their boyfriends …
During the match, Boner and his comrades are very impressed by the manliness of the game. Guys on the field, more muscular than football players, exude a crude bestiality that Americans will never have. The scrums, where guys often grab their comrades by the crotch to build a compact mass, are particularly hot. The Marines must admit that contrary to what they believed, the game is more rough and wild than American football.
Near the end of the match, Cummings left the bleachers with Thomas and Jonas. He soon returns alone and made a little nod to Boner before proposing his guests to get down on the lawn where players of both teams congratulate each other as if no one had lost the game. Duncan young is very happy to meet the Americans again, especially since he didn’t think to see them again before they return to the US. As he is a little disappointed about Thomas and Jonas absence, Cummings explains with a knowing smile that the two boys are waiting to serve in the usual place … At once, Young calls a few of his teammates he presents to the Marines and proposes to join a third half they won’t soon forget!
While other the players are going to a brand new structure, Young leads his group to an older building. He explains that as the stadium is being renovated, the locker rooms of this wing are only used on rare occasions. Cummings and him occasionally organize small parties there and as they are the only keys holders, they are guaranteed to never be disturbed.
After walking in dark corridors where rises a heady smell of urine, Young opens a last door. In the locker room, men discover Thomas and Jonas, handcuffed face down on a bench, knees on the ground, butts exposed, ready to be fucked. Thomas has a plug inserted in his cunt while Jonas is still knotted to Timur that has just serviced him. Rugby players crowd around the two boys, caressing their bodies harshly, insisting on their buttocks and the smooth and moist furrow between. Iain Smith, a powerful open-side flanker, drop his shorts to give his cock to suck to Jonas. The other guys undress quickly. Boner and Dickson get blown in turn by Tom Morecock, the full-back of the team.
Cummings unties Jonas to offer him to Smith. The guy grabs the boy’s hips to bring his anus at the level of his glans and then lets him go down slowly, impaling Jonas up to his balls. Besides, Cummings gets fucked by the fly-half Vernon Couchman who perfectly fulfilled its role by keeping the depth of the backs. While Rusty licks the dick of his master, Jonas, leaning back, takes the dog’s meat in his mouth …
After removing Thomas’s plug, hooker Stephen Doyle screws him. When the thick cock expands his hole, Thomas swallows Young’s one. Fingal Cummings, on all fours behind Doyle, licks his anus like a good dog. He pushes two fingers inside and as Doyle seems to appreciate, he undertakes to fist him. The hand slides slowly but surely in the muscular buttocks of the hooker astride on Thomas, making him scream with pleasure. In the same time, Timur climbs on Fingal to hump him. Dog and rugby player spit their cum almost together. When Doyle has pulled out, Young replaces him in Thomas’s pussy. He nails him until the sperm of the young man spreads on the floor.
On their side, Dickson and Boner take care of Morecock. The full-back proves he is perfectly in his role : after taking the sergeant’s rod, he gets fucked like a nasty slut by Dickson …
When sex frenzy finally calm down, Boner ordered Thomas, Jonas and Fingal Cummings to sit in the urinals. Giving the example, he sprinkles the three boys with a powerful stream of urine. The other guys are quick to also soak them with piss, aiming the gridy mouths to watering them with the golden liquor.
Except Thomas, Jonas and Fingal, guys take a warm and relaxing shower after what the small group splits. Despite the cold, Boner forces the three boys to go back to Cummings’s Land Rover as naked as the dogs. On the way of the car park, a group of young folks is so astounded by what they see that they are left speechless …

 1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
 GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
 Pvt Jonas Boise (T/B/Sub) 
 Timur (Malamut)
Scottish soldiers 
 Staff Sergeant Mungo Cummings (T/B-)
 Rusty (Foxhound)
The Ball Grabbers RC
 Warrant officer class 2 Duncan Young (T/B)
 Stephen Doyle (T/B)
 Iain Smith (T/B)
 Tom Morecock (B)
 Vernon Couchman (T/B)
 Fingal Cummings (T/B+)

26 March 2016

Forbidden area! 73 - Journey to Scotland - Part 2

After two days of demonstrations and training with the British Special Forces, Sergeant Boner and his team have two days off. Cummings proposes to serve as a guide and to show them the Highlands. The next day, after a good night’s sleep, they leave Cummings Mansion in a Military Land Rover, on the road to Inverness and the shores of Loch Ness. They cross sublime landscapes, between austere moors and mysterious lochs, in which are reflected the ruins of tenebrous castles. After a stop in the Sprey Valley where they visit a whiskey distillery, they arrive in Inverness just in time for a lunch in a local pub. After a good meal washed down with a few beers, they reach the banks of Loch Ness. When Jonas asks if they will see the famous monster, Fingal Cummings raises his kilt and shows his stiff cock, saying:
- There it is! Want to know what taste it has?
As the other passengers laugh, Jonas swallows the cock to the end. Fingal orders him to undress and fucks him on the back seat of the Land Rover.
Soon after, his brother leaves the main road to take a dirt road. A few hundred meters further, he parks near an old farmhouse overlooking the Loch. Beyond a bay stand the ruins of Urquhart Castle.
Leaving the house, a man come to them with a big smile. Cumming gives him a warm hug before introducing him to the Marines: Angus Mackenzie is a horse breeder Cummings known through the internet, on a site where Mackenzie offered to amateurs the services of its stallions. Without being particularly attracted to horses, Cummings appreciate their beauty. But Mac, as Cummings calls him, is above all a really good fucker … When Boner spoke to him the day before about Thomas capabilities, Cummings immediately phoned his friend to prepare his best stallion.
Mac is really pleased to meet the Americans, especially when he sees Jonas, naked except his chastity cage, thighs spattered by Fingal’s cum dripping from his anus. As the young man is shivering in the cold wind, he invites them to enter the house, an old farmhouse that he has completely renewed. A fire blazes in the fireplace of the living room. The warm air smells smoke, dung and horse piss, a scent Thomas inevitably associates with an unbridled lust …
On a sign of Boner, he undresses. Mac examines him as he would do to a horse and when he discovers the anal stretcher in his cunt, he takes out his own cock and starts jerking off while manipulating the plug. He finally removes it and licks Thomas anus with delights. So, he thrusts his fingers in: without any resistance, his hand slips into the hole up to the wrist …
As on the sofa, Fingal offers his ass to the tongues of Timur and Rusty while getting blown by Jonas, himself sucking both his brother and Dickson, Mac proposes to move to the stable.
When everyone is undressed, he opened a door leading directly into a bright room, converted into a stable. Three glass doors reveals the stunning Loch landscape, haloed by the pale light of late afternoon. In a comfortable box, Valiant Spear, his best stallion, a Clydesdale horse, neighs when he saw his master coming toward him. Mac leads him to the center of the room where Thomas is already kneeling. As soon as the young man caresses the sheath of his penis, the horse responds with an immediate erection. Greedily, Thomas licks the huge stiff cock of the stallion whose docility demonstrates that it used to be manipulated as well. Mackenzie pushes a workbench near Thomas. The Marines are up top, legs open, anus exposed. With the help of Boner, he works the boy’s cunt to soften it more.
Meanwhile, Cummings has installed Jonas on a table, ankles and wrists tied to the divider of a box. He spreads lube on the butt to push in a dildo. Then he wear latex gloves and fists him. From time to time, removes his hand to push his cock into the gaping hole. Finally, he puts him a huge plug and wanks slowly until splashing out on the balls of the boy.
On all fours on the concrete floor, his brother sucks Dickson’s cock, exposing his butt to the dogs. Rusty is the first to take it. While his sperm squirts into the young man, Timur licking the anus of the Foxhound, waiting his turn to jug the boy …
On the workbench Thomas is now ready to receive the stallion. Mac rotates the bench, placing the anus of the young man in front of the horse’s cock, that sinks into the hole, making his its way ever deeper. As the anus is occupied, Mac gets blown by Thomas whose moans of pleasure are eloquent … Boner proposes Mac to fuck him like his stallion fucks Thomas. While the horse cums, the Scottish, screwed by the Sergeant, spits his juice in the mouth of the young G.I.
Cummings unties Jonas to lead him near the stallion. On all fours Jonas takes the place of Thomas on the bench. Boner takes away the plug while Mac stroked the balls of Valiant Spear: the tremendous cock of the horse expands immediately. Boner grabs it and guides it to Jonas’s anus. At the same time Cummings pushes the workbench. The glans penetrates slowly … Even if Cummings has well prepared him, Jonas winks in pain as the cock expands his rectum. As it’s the first time he gets fucked by a horse, Boner takes care that the stallion don’t go too deep. When the cock is entered about a good twenty centimeters, it leaves the animal give some cock strokes and ejaculate. When the horse pulls out, his seed flows on the workbench and as the boy’s ass is free, Mac fucks him, soon mixing his cum to that of his horse. Without waiting, Cummings fucks Jonas in turn before giving way to his brother.
After a rest in the living room, they start fucking again. If Thomas takes a second load of the stallion, Jonas prefers to be the bitch of dogs and guys just like Fingal, which reveals his anal side to the great satisfaction of his brother. Thomas and Jonas, so properly educated by Boner and Dickson, gave him many ideas and he now plans to make his younger a good whore for his comrades…
Night has fallen when the guys takes the way back, a little bit tired by so much sex, but happy to have spent a day so perfectly filled.
(To be continued ... )
 1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
 GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
 Pvt Jonas Boise (T/B/Sub) 
 Timur (Malamut)
Scottish soldiers
 Staff Sergeant Mungo Cummings (T/B-)
 Rusty (Foxhound)
 Fingal Cummings(T/B)
 Angus “ Mac” Mackenzie(T/B)
 Valiant Spear (Clydesdale horse)

13 March 2016

Forbidden area! 72 - Journey to Scotland

While Boner and his group were in Florida, Captain Bolstone received an invitation to take part in military exercises in the UK. The request came from the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, which proposed the Captain present its unit on a military base in Scotland, in the heart of the Highlands.
Of course, Boltstone had accepted and had designated Boner to represent Camp Meadows.
And of course, Sergeant Boner knew someone in the British Army, a member of the 102 Military Working Dog Squadron that invited them … Boner had met Staff Sergeant Mungo Cummings at the beginning of their careers during NATO manoeuvres in the Mediterranean. They had quickly realized that they had many things in common. And they fucked on the first night.
As soon as Boner has announced his visit to Cummings, with three of his comrades, especially two fags really talented for sex, the Scottish started to organize the stay of his friend. He will pick them at Glasgow airport to drive them to Highland where the military exercise will be held. The whole team will lodge at the home of the Cummings family, a mansion on the shores of Loch Lomond, to about ten kilometers of the military base.
When Boner, Dickson, Thomas, Jonas and Timur arrive in Glasgow on a USAF flight in the beginning of the afternoon, Cummings waits them directly on the tarmac with a comrade, Lance-Corporal Alban McCabe. Soon disembarked, they leave to the Highlands. After about fifty kilometers, they arrived at Cummings Mansion, a small castle in the Scottish baronial style.
As it is still early, Cummings suggests them to take a shower and rest a little to recover from jet lag. He leads them to their rooms, all as sumptuous as each other.
Later, Cummings drives them to the reception room, decorated just like it might be expected about a castle: deep, plush sofas, old armor, oil paintings, swords and shields on the walls … Cummings and his family clearly do not have to worry about money.
If Boner and Dickson wear the Blue-White Dress, Jonas and Thomas are naked, wearing only their chastity cage.
A dog dozing on the carpet near the fireplace gets up and goes to meet Timur. The Malamut lies on his back, offering his belly to the Foxhound as a sign of submission. As the scarlet tip of his cock comes out from the sheath, the other dog begins to lick it, causing a beautiful erection, hailed by the guys comfortably sit in sofas. Cummings introduces his friends who, like him, wear kilt. The only one who does not wear the traditional costume is Fingal, the younger brother of Cumming.
Sitting with legs wide apart, Duncan Young, a beefy Warrant Officer, proves that Scottish really wear nothing under the tartan. Puzzled by Jonas and Thomas chastity cages, he asks the latter to approach. He observed the metal case with great attention, before rotating Thomas to examine his buttocks as he would done to a mare. His dick begins to lift up the fabric. Young pulls up the kilt to release his dick and grabs Thomas by the nape, forcing him to bend forward and suck his huge cock.
Fingal goes behind Thomas to finger his cunt, licking the hole to lubricate it. Soon, Young and him swap their places and while the Warrant Officer thrusts his dick in his anus, Thomas sucks Fingal.
Nearby, Jonas, kneeling on the carpet, sucks Cummings and Private Rory McDonald’s cocks. Mouth full, he also wanks Rusty which is more and more excited. When the dog shows signs of impatience, Jonas lies on the back on an ottoman to let Rusty takes him. McDonald releases the boy from his chastity cage and jerk him. Soon, Jonas’s cum spurts up to Cummings face, who has only to open his mouth to taste it …
As the two boys are managed, Boner and Dickson can have fun with McCabe whose angelic face probably hides the true nature. And, when he takes off his kilt, Lance-Corporal reveals a stunning cock Dickson immediately takes in the mouth. Boner is not really surprised to see that the guy has a good big dogtail plug stuck into the ass … Dickson seeming to want to act as a bottom, Boner proposes McCabe to fuck him together, their two cocks in the same hole … Boner then lies down on the carpet where Dickson straddles him to impale on his stiff dick, offering his stuffed ass to the view of the Scottish soldier. McCabe slides his knob in alongside with the Sgt’s rod. As Timur licks his buttocks, McCabe removes the plug and surprising Boner, let the Malamut screw him.
After Young have filled Thomas with cum, Fingal takes his place. He sticks his dick with delight in the cunt before removing it to put a hand in. As four fingers easily enter into the hole, he adds his thumb and pushes slowly to the wrist. For a few moments, he comes and goes, fascinated by the smoothness of the asshole, making Thomas moan with pleasure. Straightening up, hand still sticked in the boy, he fucks him and wanks in his ass.
When Rusty pulls out from Jonas, the time has come for Cummings to fuck the boy. He rides him methodically, taking his time to push his cock as deep as possible. Just after Cummings reaches orgasm with a big roar, McDonald puts Jonas on all fours and takes him like a bitch. Rusty licks Jonas’s prick until he squirts a second time on the carpet.
After this sporty first encounter, men rest a little while drinking beers and whiskey. Smell of semen and sweat mingles with that of wood burning in the fireplace. As Americans show signs of tiredness, Cummings declares that it is time to dine, and, for them, to go to bed. The five days the Marines will spend in Scotland will be long enough to fuck to death …
(to be continued …)
 1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
 GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
 PFC Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
 Pvt Jonas Boise (T/B/Sub) 
 Timur (Malamut)
Scottish soldiers
 Warrant officer class 2 Duncan Young (T-/B)
 Staff Sergeant Mungo Cummings (T/B-)
 Lance-Corporal Alban McCabe (T/B)
 Private Rory McDonald (T/B)
 Rusty (Foxhound)
 Fingal Cummings (T/B)

18 February 2016

Forbidden area! 71

When Boner received a message from one of the Boy Scouts that they had met a few months earlier at the cabin in the woods, he offered him to visit Camp Meadows as soon as possible. A few days later, he picks up Thaddeus de Mazière and his comrade Teddy Dawson at Blacksburg Bus Terminal.
The two boys who are very pretty in their uniforms and their arrival did not go unnoticed. As the 1st Sgt guides them through the cantonments, they incur many admiring whistles and explicit comments. The bulge of their shorts proves that they are not insensitive to the admiration of the soldiers they cross, especially when they pass in front of a bathroom where some Marines take a shower … Seeing that, Boner is soon to lead them to the Spec Ops room, as they have nicknamed the dungeon housed in the basement of the main building of the base.
Except Olegson, strapped on a sawhorse with a plug in the ass, the room is empty. While waiting his comrades, Boner offers the boys to drink a beer, what they refuse because their ethics prohibit to drink alcohol.
“But not to take a dick in the ass!” says Boner ironically.
He serves each of them a glass of Horse Pee with a few drops of a drug that will make them more docile and lustful. After what he undresses, advising them to do the same, and goes to sit on a bed, his beautiful cock proudly erected. If his buddy gets naked, Mazière prefers to stay dressed, he just pull his cock out of his fly and rubs it on the buttocks of Olegson, before giving it him to suck. His comrade goes to kneel between the legs of the Sergeant and swallows his dick. Boner tells him to climb on the bed and head to tail, while Dawson takes care of his meat, he licks his ass, his tongue going more and more deeper in the shaved hole. Under the effect of the drug, the asshole relaxes and opens like a rose in the morning dew. Boner then shoves a dildo which enters without any difficulty.
Captain Boltstone arrives at this point, accompanied by Dickson, Thomas and Jonas but also by Sheriff Bigby and “Scoob” Perro, the K-9 Officer of Blacksburg and Well and Timur.
Thomas goes directly to get on all fours on the carpet, while Jonas lies on the podium at the center of the room. Bolstone joins him and lifting up his loins, screws him bluntly. Meanwhile, Bigsby gets slowly blown by the new recruit.
Perro goes with Mazière and Olegson. He caresses the buttocks of the Boy Scout through his shorts before removing the plug from the cunt of the Marine.
“Come fuck him, he said, pushing 3 fingers into the gaping hole. See how wet and hot it is… A real slutty ass!”
While the Scout sodomizes Olegson, the cop pushes his own cock in the mouth of the soldier who swallows it to the end.
On the rug, the two dogs turn around Thomas. Before one of them buggers the young man, Boner encourages Dawson to do it. With delight, the boy slips his dick in the asshole so generously offered.
What he has not expected is that Timur takes him …
When he feels the breast of the Malamut on his back, he tries to prevent the dog to fuck him. In vain: Timur’s forelegs hooked around his hips immobilize him and, helped by Dickson, the dog’s cock enters his anus. Boner stroked his head to reassure him but when the knot expands his hole, the scout groans in pain. Although he used to get fucked by his comrades, it is the first time for him to take something so big … When the dog is firmly rooted in him, chemicals Boner gave him helps him to relax and he begins to have fun. 
Behind them, Well began to lick the ass of the Malamut. At the same time, he rubs his hindquarters against Dickson’s underbelly as if he wanted to be fucked. For some time now, the Sgt have note that the Rott seems to be more and more anal : he caught him many times with the prick of one of its congeners in the ass, undeniably taking a lot of fun to get screwed. So, when he sticks a finger in his tail hole, Well lets him do as his anus opens slightly … Dickson fetches a dildo, some lubes and a box of latex gloves which he wears a pair. The dildo, a large metal ball, enters into the dog very easily … Dickson takes it off and replaced with four fingers that fit just as easily. He adds his thumb and pushes carefully: the Sgt’s hand is just like sucked by the asshole. Well licks Timur with even more zeal and his cum soon squirts on the carpet at the same time as Timur spurts in Dawson. The scout achieves orgasm in the ass of Thomas, Boner’s cock in his mouth …
As soon as Timur has pulled out, Dickson screws Dawson before giving way to Boner.
On the podium, Bigsby pees in Jonas’s mouth where he had ejaculated just before. The young man drinks the golden juice to the last drop. Suddenly, Bolstone’s muscles strain. As his face tenses up, he utters a roar at the moment sperm flows from Jonas’s urethral plug.
For its part, Mazière was quick to come, followed by Perro, the two guys filling Olegson at both ends. They are now working to stretch the soldier’s cunt, in order to fist him together. All the others guys come to contemplate their hands that push in the wide opened hole.
And finally, surprising his buddy, Dawson gets down on all fours asking Boner to give him the same …
Capt Conor G. Bolstone (T/B-)
1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
PFC Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
PFC Gunner Olegson (B/Sub)
Pvt Jonas Boise (T/B/Sub) 
Well (Rottweiler)
Timur (Malamut)
Blacksburg P.D.
Sheriff Will “Bigboy” Bigsby (T)
K9 Officer Martin “Scoob” Perro (T/B)
BSA (Venturers, over 18)
Eagle Thaddeus de Mazière (T/B)
Star Teddy Dawson (T/B)

10 February 2016

Forbidden area! 70

A few days after his training in Florida, Jonas finally joined the USMC family. Captain Bolstone made him sign his contract before fuck him on the corner of his desk. The boy has no regrets leaving a civilian life of which he was waiting for nothing. His mother being permanently installed in Miami with her new lover and his father having left for a new life in San Francisco, he no longer has any family obligation, if indeed he had as a teenager … Just like Thomas, he considers himself an orphan who comes to find his real family. And just like him, he is determined to give body and soul to his masters within the Marines. By General Sledge special authorization, he is exempted to do his training and directly incorporates the small unit of Camp Meadows.
To celebrate that, Bolstone has assigned Boner the task to organize a welcome party the same evening in the dining room, where every man of the base can come to fuck the new recruit. Until then, Jonas will have to wear a diaper with a big plug deep in the butt to stay wide open.
When the Captain arrives to officially welcome the new Marine, Jonas is naked, his wet diaper laying on the room floor. A Sergeant licks his asshole while the boy sucks of a Corporal in front of half a dozen soldiers waiting turn wanking and encouraging their buddies. Comfortably installed at the bar, Boner drinks a beer while getting sucked by a newly arrived PFC that General Sledge transfered to Camp Meadows after trying him at the headquarters. When Bolstone enters, all stand at attention, cock proudly stiff to salute their captain.
Bolstone puts his own out of his fly and buggers Jonas immediately. When he has cumed, it gives way to Boner and his men. Leaning over the table, Jonas takes cocks one after the other, moaning with pleasure when his mouth is not occupied by a male member.
Upon Dickson and Thomas arrival with Timur and Well, Jonas was already fucked over 10 times. Sperm flowing from his cunt have made a small puddle on the floor that Dickson compels him to lick before screwing him.
Thomas gets four-legged next to the small group that uses Jonas as a cum dump. A Sergeant, his arm in a cast, gives him his cock to suck while Well fuck the boy. They are joined by another Marine who gets sucked by his fellow before the dog begins to lick his penis.
Boner works the ass of a soldier who has Doc O’Neil’s cock in the mouth. Dickson wanks watching his comrade’s hand sinks into the anus. Then he wears a pair of latex gloves and both men fist the guy alternately until his cunt is enough open to accept their hands together …
The cock of a corporal in the mouth, Jonas gets shagged by another under the watchful eyes of his captain. A guy which has just filled him with cum climbs on the table and while drinking a beer, he sprinkles the boy with piss. Near the counter, three guys, one of which has kept the jacket of his Dress Blue, suck and fuck waiting for Jonas’s ass to be free. However, the Captain decided that Timur’s turn is arrived. He put the boy on all fours in the widespread piss on the floor: the Malamut climbs on his back and pushes his huge red cock in his anus in one go. Jonas’s hole is so dilated that the dog knot has no trouble to enter! To the applause of the Marines, the dog screws Jonas at the same frenetic rhythm as Well who fucks Thomas for the third time …
After that, when Timur pull out, the orgy goes on until every Marine of the Camp fucked Jonas. Finally, when all the cocks spat their juice in the ass of the new recruit, Captain Bolstone decrees a ceasefire. Boner puts a plug and a diaper to the boy so that it keeps all the cum in his ass and leads him to the kennel where he will spend the night in the company of dogs …
Capt Conor G. Bolstone (T/B-)
1stLt Sean “Doc” O’Neil (T)
1stSgt Tucker F. Boner (T/B-)
GySgt Ethan Dickson (T/B)
SSgt Colin Ballard (T)
Sgt Killian Rock (T/B)
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28 January 2016

Forbidden area! 69

The following day, Maygross decides to test the submission of his sergeant. He seeks on the internet a place in the area of the camp where he can make Armadillo available to men who want to fuck him. He easily finds a former car dealership away from the city, known as a popular sex arena. He publishes a announcement on gay networks with some pics of his guys, telling he will be at disposal very soon . Meanwhile, Boner puts a chastity cage to the Sergeant before leading him, duly plugged and handcuffed, to a cage at the rear of a pickup truck.
Maygross drives the vehicle accompanied by Boner while Dickson follows them in a Humvee with Thomas and Jonas. LaPoutre and Devreaux stay at the camp to organize the departure of the Delta team that evening. The two men keep dogs because Maygross wants Armadillo to be masterpiece of the show …
The service station is about ten kilometers from the base. It’s an old Chevrolet dealership located in the middle of nowhere, abandoned since its bankruptcy a few months earlier.
When they arrive, two cars are already parked near the car store. The garage has been completely emptied: only some waste are still lying in front of the roller shutters that has been half open by burglars. Only a toilets building seems to be still in use. Seeing the used condoms on the floor, it is understandable that the place is a real whorehouse!
Leaning against a car like straight out of The Dukes of Hazzard, a kind of Redneck, wearing only a tank top and his boots, gets sucked by another totally naked. A Dalmatian licks his ass, his fully erect scarlet dick hanging between the legs.
Boner and Maygross free Armadillo from his cage. They lie him on the back at the rear of the SUT, his butt just beyond the tailgate. Then they tie his wrists to the bed rails and his ankles to the truck rack, legs widely spread, asshole offered just at the right height. At last, Boner puts him a spider gag that keeps Sergeant’s mouth wide open in case someone would need to have a leak …
Immediatly, the guy who gets sucked comes to fuck the Sergeant. The other guy spread a blanket on the floor on which Thomas comes get on all fours. Thomas takes cock in his mouth and while the guys appreciate the expert tongue of the soldier, his dog climbs on Thomas and pushes his dick in his ass.
Right next to the pickup where Armadillo is now available, a man who has just arrived screws Jonas. His thick cock opens the anus of the boy who moans with pleasure. The member makes its way slowly until it has entered to the end …
Boner and Maygross oversee the Sergeant, ready to punish him if he misbehaves, but Armadillo visibly takes a lot of pleasure in serving the male who tears his cunt.
Suddenly, a police car parks next to them. A little worried Boner relaxes when a young cop who gets out, his dick already out of his flies, frees a yellow Lab from his cage at the rear of his pickup and goes directly kneeling behind the Armadillo’s fucker to rim his ass. Under the effect of licks, the guy spits his juice in the Sergeant’s ass… When he pulls out, the cop get up and rather than fuck Armadillo, he wears latex gloves for fisting him. Armadillo screams and struggles, but the ropes firmly sustains him, enough for the policeman’s hand to strech its anus. It’s not before it entered up to the wrist that the cop adds his dick and wanks in the Sergeant’s ass.
Other cars arrived and guys who get down gather around Armadillo, quietly waiting their turn to fuck him. At the request of Boner, each draws a line with a marker on the belly of the soldier. Before the end of the morning, as many as 25 dicks spit their cum in his ass.
Around noon, there are so many males in rut that Boner also offers Thomas and Jonas at the rear of the pick-up of the cop. Finally, things calm down around 2:00 pm. A large puddle of sperm is formed on the tar, dripping from Sergeant ass. The soldier is in a daze, cunt totally exploded by so many dicks and hands, at least around fifty. He is so exhausted that it’s necessary to help him to go back to the cage, where he falls asleep suddenly …
Before leaving, the young cop takes some pics of his dog jutting Thomas. It ensures Boner that he will soon take a little trip to Blacksburg to visit that USMC’s base which he heard about on Zoophilic networks.
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