11 May 2015

Forbidden area ! 43

In May, General Sledge asks Captain Bolstone to join him near New Orleans, where one of his friends organized the 20th anniversary of his nephew, a young and promising football player.
This friend, Todd McKinley, is a major business man, a rich guy, owner of a magnificent colonial plantation in the Bayou, known for the fuck fests he organized there. Sledge and him had met during their studies at a military academy. They soon became lovers, exploring together the darkest paths of sexuality …
For Paul, his nephew, McKinley wanted a party “among friends”, a liitle something that his son-in-law can remeber all his life. He had adopt Paul after Todd’s brother and his wife died, leaving him free to choose his own path. One afternoon, returning earlier than expected in the big house, McKinley had the surprise to find his Paul, barely aged 16, getting fucked by three of his team mates. He immediately joined them and from that day, he had undertaken his training in order to make Paul a good little bitch …
That’s why he had requested Sledge to recruit his best men in his famous secret unit of Blacksburg. He would take care to invite the two best friends of Paul, also footballers, and just as depraved. In turn, Sledge had missioned Bolstone to recruit a small team for this trip to New Orleans.
Bolstone offered Boner and Dickson to go with him with Thomas, Olegson and Vedere, and the dogs Well and Wolfgang.
Upon their arrival McKinley had put them at ease: lying on a sun lounger by the pool, he was smoking a cigar, sucked by a brawny boy, wrists handcuffed and dog tail plug pushed in the ass … McKinley interrupts his servant to whom he ordered not to move and takes its guests to an outdoor kitchen where two other guys, totally naked, preparing a barbecue. Presentings them, he gives a good slap in the balls of his nephew.
A few moments later, all are naked and Thomas and Olegson, kneeling, suck the dicks of the two boys under satisfied eyes of Sledge and McKinley.
McKinley slave is driven is to a nearby portico. McKinley made him crouch down on a big K9 dildo and tie his wrists to the top of the structure. His cock, locked in a chastity belt hangs directly above a receptacle. McKinley inserts a Foley catheter into the penis and his piss starts to flow into the bowl, then into a pitcher. In order for piss flows constantly, a hose connected to a timer provides water to the boy every 2 minutes …
McKinley led his companions to a table set under a gazebo. When Bolstone noted that there has 8 plates while they are 9 people, McKinley shows 4 bowls for dog on the ground. While calling the dogs to come, he tells Thomas that his place is with them …
After lunch, washed down with lots of beer, wine, champagne and piss, the party begins.
Besides Well and Wolfgang is a third dog, Olaf, a Great Dane that Thomas has already started sucking dick during the meal. As he had never been get laid by so huge dog, he goes down on 4 legs and the dog fucks him.
At the poolside, Rattsinger, the other footbal player, gets sucked by Boner, himself sucked by Paul McKinley. Well licks Rattsinger’s ass before fucking him. This is the first time for the young man, but he easily takes the large cock and sucks Boner even more passionately. Meanwhile, Dickson lubricates Paul’s cunt, preparing him for a fist fucking. Slowly, his hand penetrates the anus which relaxes even better than Boner gives poppers to inhale to the young man. For his part, Sledge Olegson buggers who sucks dick Wolfgang, while McKinley lets suck Vedere, fucked by his captain.
At the end of the afternoon, while Thomas is sodomized for the fourth time by Olaf, Paul McKinley is tied on a rolling platform, his butt widely spread offered to the cocks of the other still excited males. Everybody buggers him, and men and dogs as everyone sits a little, he is left like that, the semen dripping anus.
He does not know at that time that as the hero of the party, he will bring to a backroom where he will be fucked all night long by unknown men …
  General Declan Sledge (T)
  Captain Conor G. Bolstone (T/B)
  Master Sergent Tucker F. Boner (T)
  Corporal Ethan Dickson (T/B)
  Private Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
  Private Gunner Olegson (B/Sub)
  2nd class Nikolass Vedere (B/Sub)
  Wolfgang (GSD)
  Well (Rottweiler)
  Todd McKinley (T/B)
  Paul McKinley (B/Sub)
  Art Rattsinger (T/B)
  Luke Laurin (B/Slave)
  Olaf (Great Dane)

19 April 2015

Forbidden area ! 42

Barely Boner, Dickson and Thomas had returned from France to Blacksburg, they were called by Sheriff Bigsby. They had to go to the police kennel with their dogs and Thomas had to be naked and leashed.
At the kennel, Bigsby and K9 Officer Perro ordered Thomas to get on all fours on a mat. Bigsby took a small bottle and put a drop of a colorless fluid on the balls of the young man while Perro opened the cages of Mamoth the Mastiff and Tyson, a Boxer new to the kennel.
Feeling the bitch in heat pheromones that the sheriff had put on Thomas, dogs were nearly to fight to be the first male that fuck the boy. Perro separated them and Tyson was allowed to be the first to stick his dick in Thomas' ass.
The young Boxer cums quickly and remained knotted to Thomas while Mammoth and Well mutually licking their cocks. Bigsby took out his stiff cock and pissed on Thomas and Tyson that licked the piss flowing into his mouth.
When the Boxer pulled out, Wolfgang the GSD buggered Thomas, then came Well's turn who fucked him for a long while Timur was licking the Rottie's anus.
Thomas then gave his ass to the Husky while sucking the Mastiff's huge cock. Mammoth was the last to blend his cum to that of other dogs, making Thomas scream of pleasure.
After that, each man fucked the young Marines who was now nothing but a submissive bitch, asshole overflowing with sperm.
That night, Boner left Thomas sleeping at the kennel under the care of Perro. The officer locked him in a cage with Mammoth who fucked him several times during that night.
At dawn, Perro found the dog and the boy knotted again and Thomas was asked for more. His hole was open like a cunt, so dilated and wet of cum that when the dog pulled out, Perro fisted him to the elbow without any resistance.


  Master Sergent Tucker F. Boner (T)
  Corporal Ethan Dickson (T/B)
  Private Thomas Servaz (B/Sub)
  Wolfgang (GSD)
  Well (Rottweiler)
  Timur (Malamut)

Blacksburg P.D.
  Sheriff Will "Bigboy" Bigsby (T)
  K9 Officer Martin "Scoob" Perro (T/B)
  Mammoth (Mastiff)
  Tyson (Boxer)

10 April 2015

Forbidden area ! 41 - Meeting in Marseilles IV

Sergeant Woitjek was finally allowed to show the Camp-Major barrack, near Marseille, to his USMC and Marins-Pompiers fuck-buddies. The day before, the Sergeant asked his lieutenant to prohibit access to a barracks alleging a flea infestation, which was not difficult to do because a many soldiers were in military maneuvers.
Before entering the building, Woitjek asks Thomas Labit and Berger to undress. He puts a butt plug to Thomas and Labit and then takes the small group directly into the bathrooms, where Lieutenant Lechibre, two soldiers, Lee and Dürer, and a big German Shepherd are waiting. Kneeling on the floor, Dürer is only dressed in a diaper visibly full of piss.
Lieutenant ties Thomas to the urinals with a chain, so he out his cock and piss on him while Lupo Labrador fucks the young man. Labit and Berger are chained to dirty toilet seats, each with the head in the bowl full of piss. Labit sucks Bovier when Camerone, the German Shepherd, climbs on his back and pushes its fat cock in his ass. Besides them, Woitjek prepares Berger’s anus with a huge dildo, after what he licks the ass and fists it deeply. Private Lee, grab to a sink, takes Boner’s dick anally. Once the Marine had ejaculated, he fists him, making him cum in the sink.
Meanwhile, Dickson gets sucked by Private Dürer and Lieutenant Lechibre joined them. Hungry, the young legionnaire licks the two men alternately until Lechibre takes off his diaper and offers his ass to Dickson. The Marine lies down on the floor so that the soldier impales himself on his hard cock.
Lechibre comes between Dickson spread legs. Holding those of his subordinate raised up, he penetrates him slowly, adding his thick prick to the the American’s one. Dürer, who never took two cocks at the same time, cries a little, but when Dickon made him sniff poppers, his cunt relaxes, and the second dick goes in right up to the balls.
When all the fags have been fucked by each top, The Lieutenant offers others to go drink a beer at the Officers’ Mess, leaving Thomas Labit, Berger and Dürer tied in the toilet, alone with dogs, asses offered.
The soldiers remaining in the barracks who wanted to empty their balls had been informed that four good young sluts awaited them in the bathroom on the second floor of the building F …
This afternoon, Thomas was fucked at least twenty times without counting the dogs!

Characters :

   Boner (T)
   Dickson (T/B)
   Thomas (B/Sub)

French Foreign Legion

   Sergeant Woitjek (T) 
   Corporal Labit  (B/Sub) 
   Lieutenant Lechibre (T) 
   Private Lee (T/B) 
   Private Dürer (B)
   Camerone (GSD)

Bataillon des Marins-Pompiers de Marseille

   Warrant Bovier (T)
   Master Corporal Berger (B/Sub) 
   Lupo (Labrador)

20 March 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 40 - Meeting in Marseilles III

On their second day in Marseilles, after a tour of the city and its surroundings, Sergeant Woitjek take them in the evening in the fire station where Warrant Bovier and Master Corporal Berger are assigned.
Upon arrival in the small barracks, Thomas and Labit are ordered to undress in the lobby. Berger has arranged for the on-call firefighters like to have sex with men.
Berger brings them in the garage. Thomas is gagged and suspended by the feet. A firefighter puts a funnel in his ass in which he piss. All the other guys come urinate, filling Thomas who groans with pleasure as his belly filled with hot piss.
Corporal Labit starts sucking Lupo Labrador while Dickson buggers him. Meanwhile, Boner fucks a young firefighter and on a stretcher Warrant Bovier gets sucked by Master Corporal Berger on all fours, ass offered to anyone who wants to fuck him.
Sergeant Woitjek work his hole slowly before fisting him … When he is well dilated, Berger gets fucked by the two men together.
Later, Thomas, Labit and Berger are on all fours on the floor. The dog licks Thomas’ ass drenched with piss and then fucks him. The three men are offered all evening long to barracks’ men who fill them with sperm and piss.
Late at night, legionaries and Marines leave the barracks. Thomas and Labit, kept on a leash, have to walk naked in the streets to Woitjek’s car parked in a underground garage where they are fucked again by their comrades, right under a  security camera. When the security guard comes to see what happens, Woitjek proposes him to fuck one of the submitted. The guard chooses Labit but cums at the end in Thomas’ mouth …

27 February 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 38 - Meeting in Marseilles

Once again, Boner, Dickson and Thomas had the opportunity to visit their fuck buddies abroad. This time, the invitation came from the Legionaires they met in Paris and who came to spend some days in Blacksburg few weeks earlier. Boner and his comrades thus have prepared their bags for Marseilles, in the south of France.
As Sergeant Woitjek can not welcome them at the Foreign Legion barracks, he leads them in a large apartment of a good friend of him, overlooking the city and the famous Old Port. On the terrace, they are greeted by two members of the Marins Pompiers de Marseille, the city fire battalion which is part of the French Navy. Corporal Labit is there too, on all fours, dogtail a plug in the ass and a urinal mask on the head. It serves as a footrest for the firefighter sitting on the couch, waiting patiently to be used as the good fag that he became …
The end of the morning is already hot. Except the firemen who keep their uniform, everyone is soon naked with a drink in hand.
"What a view!" Dickson said contemplating the rooftops of the city.
"It’s nothing to say!" agrees one of the firemen looking at his ass.
On the couch, Thomas was lying on his back, offering his asshole to the other fireman who begins to thrust his fingers, while Woitjek  gives the boy his cock to suck. When he sees how Thomas is open, the firefighter fists him.
After using the legionary submitted as a urinal, Boner put away his butt-plug and fuck him. The dog lick his ass, trying to mount the Sergeant who do not let him do … Beside, Dickson sucks the big cock of the other firefighter before he turned to get fucked …
While a neighbor bell tower rings noon, the orgy is already rife on the terrace.
It is just the beginning …

7 February 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 37

The building of new barracks at Camp Meadows had finally begun. When workers arrived the first day, Thomas recognized two of the men who visited him in his cabin in the woods. He did not know the third one, a muscular black guy, but the name of the company, "Thee little pigs", said a lot about its employees ...
Master Sergeant Boner immediately decided a site inspection with Dickson, Well, and Thomas. He ordered Thomas to undress and put him dogtail plug in the ass.
The site manager recognized Thomas immediately. With a big smile, he opened his fly and gave him his cock to suck. The other two men began to stroke him before undressing.
Boner removed the plug ass of Thomas, made him get on all fours and offered his ass to the black man. His big cock penetrated the anus all at once, making Thomas groan of pleasure by feeling his asshole so widely dilated.
On his side, Dickson was sucking the site manager, leaning against the Hummer, while Boner fucked the last worker.
When the black worker pulled out, the Rottweiler took his place. See the dog fuck Thomas gave back the guy's cock a new strength so he gave it to suck to Thomas while Well was filling his belly with more cum. After the dog, Thomas gave his ass to the construction manager which Dickson fucked at the same time.
After what, the third worker put his dick in the boy's ass.
Thomas had his ass overflowing with cum: for not lose a single drop, Boner  replaced the plug into Thomas ass...
The next day, at the request of the foreman, Thomas and Olegson were made available to the workers for the entire duration of the works ...

29 January 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 36 - International military maneuvers III

The day before the departure of their guests, Boner and Dickson organized a ass contest. In the barracks dining room, the four fags were exposed on tables, asshole up, at disposal to every soldier.
Each one had to successively fuck the guys and vote.
On this occasion, Boner invited Sheriff Bigsby, K9 officer Perro and coach Wilson who was very pleased to see the progress of Thomas, his former protege.
At the end of the afternoon, Labit ,the French legionnaire won, a single vote separating him from Thomas.
To end with flourish, the guys were given to dogs.
The sight of the four butts side by side, dogs cock deep in the asses, in a smell of cum and sweat, excited soldiers so much that the refectory soon hosted a monstrous orgy …

18 January 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 35 - International military maneuvers II

When he woke up the next day, Corporal Labit did not understand why he was exposed on all fours on a stockade. His wrists, ankles and neck were locked in irons and a dildo was maintain into his ass. He felt that his balls were bound and pulled towards the back at each move. And above all, Labit had no memory of the end of the previous day… The last thing he could remember was that he had been fucked by the Rott on the advice of Sergeant Woitjek. 
As he could a little move the head, he been able to see that he was in a big warehouse. Not far from him the young Russian met the day before was impaled on a dildo, hanging on chains by the wrists. 
He was also very urge to pee. He tried not to do but finally urinated under him with a feeling of humiliation that he had not felt since his childhood. Seeing the piss puddle on the floor, he realized that it was not the first time and that he had to be there for some time…
The other guys went into the warehouse. Boner gave him a good slap on the buttocks and he offered him his cock to suck while the second Russian changed the dildo for a bigger one. In front of him Dickson tied Thomas on a bench, ass offered in which Woitjek thrust his dick. Before Boner forces him to suck the cock of one of the dogs, he saw Dickson piss in the mouth of Thomas.
Then he felt that the plug was removed from his ass. To be replaced by the dog’s cock that he had just sucked.
Once Timur down from his back, the German shepherd took his place. The Rottweiler buggered him shortly after. Labit’s asshole was so distended that none of the dogs remained knotted… Panting, ass full of dog cum, the french soldier wanted to be fucked more.
He was heard: after dogs, the russian Master-Sergeant sodomized him. Then came the turn of Boner and Dickson together. Finally Woitjek fisted him long. Labit screamed in pleasure, his cum spitting on the floor.
He was finally freed, but Boner put on him a collar and leash and forced him to lick his piss and cum on the floor. Labit obeyed without resisting… In front of him, the Rottweiler fucked Thomas. The other Russian was fully impaled on the dildo.
Even if his ass was a little painful, it envied them. He wished to be fucked again as soon as possible.
Once again his desires would be fulfilled quickly!

13 January 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 34 - International military maneuvers

The weeks that followed, Boner, Dickson and Thomas went back to their habits at Camp Meadows. Thomas became again the favorite bitch of men and dogs while his masters began the formation of Olegson, a promising new recruit. Boner worked hard to invite their Russian comrades and the two french foreign legionnaires met in Paris on 14 July, officially for military maneuvers.
It was not difficult for the French soldiers, but all the persuasion of General Sledge was necessary for the presence of the Russians. Only two were allowed to come, Sobaka and his faithful sub, Yakunin.
For their arrival, captain Bolstone had organized a welcome drink at the pool of the barracks, a new building, first step of Camp Meadows renewal.
After some beers, the men went into action. Instead, the dogs went into action: Well the Rottie gave the starting signal by fucking Yakunin…
Thomas took Sobaka and Dickson cocks in his cunt at the same time.
Corporal Woitjek, for its part, allowed Wolfgang to mount him. It was the first time he was fucked by a dog and he cried a little when the knot of the German Shepherd swelled in his rectum. But probably under the influence of drugs that Boner had put in their drinks (which had also allowed Boner fisting his buddy without any resistance) he let the dog fulfill his ass with semen, cuming himself on the ground without jerking.

Later, Sergeant Labit let all active males gang bang him. When Wolfgang fucked him for the second time, Boner decided to turn him a good little slut...

8 January 2015

Forbidden area! - Part 33 - back to the base!

When they came back from Russia, Boner, Dickson and Thomas learned that their base was going to receive the inspection of General Sledge, the leader of their unit. Sledge was the mentor of captain Bolstone that he had made discovered the dark side of sex. Together, they created what was officially a rescue dog training camp, but was in fact secretly devoted to deviant sex between men.

They had set up the unit in Blacksburg, in a small barrack away from the city. They recruited men from their partners for their quality of fuckers, and their total acceptance of local sexual rules. Boner was one of their first recruit.

During the visit of the General, Captain introduced him his three new boys. Sledge already knew Thomas (see Forbidden Area! part 15). In front of totally naked men at attention in the courtyard of the barracks, he received a good blow-job while Timur was fucking the boy. Then, he fisted the second one while the third was given to dogs and men.

After that, the day was only a series orgies and fucking, smelling sweat, semen and piss…

30 December 2014

Forbidden area! - Part 32 - A journey to Russia VI

At the end of the stay, Sobaka proposed to visit his barracks in the small town of Khorinsk. On this occasion, Thomas and Yakunin were allowed to wear their uniforms because exhibit naked men in the city could attract them some serious problems.
On their arrival, they were summoned by the Base Commander, Captain Andropov.
The captain's office was surely a relic of the Soviet era: it was very large, with two sofas, coffee tables and a floor covered with a thick carpet. Boner and Dickson noticed immediately some nude males paintings on the walls and the small replica of Michelangelo's David near the door. Andropov listened Sobaka, standing at attention, make a report in Russian, after which he gave a short order. Immediately, Yakunin took off his uniform. Captain admired the chastity cage and, forcing Yakunin to get on all fours, examined his newly stretched asshole. He took a dogtail plug in a drawer and put it in the ass. Then he pulled out his cock and gave Yakunin to suck. He spent a phone call. Two minutes later, Somebody knocked at the door and the Captain's aide-de-camp entered the room, his dick already out of its fly.
This other guys also took their clothes off and the office began to look like the lounge of a brothel, with plenty of grunts and a good smell of rutting males.
Captain rid the office of his papers and motioned Thomas to go on it with Well. Smoking a cigar, he contemplated the Marines get fucked by the dog, his dick in Yakunin's hungry mouth. Finally he decided to fist Yakunin and when his hand was deep inside the ass, he also introduced his cock. He fucked slowly, wanking his dick in the ass. When pleasure came, he cum inside, grunting like a bear in heat...
That night was very hot. Thomas and Yakunin were given to some soldiers enjoying well opened  asses and everyone who wants was invited to fuck them. Or get fucked by the other Marines...